The College of Liberal Arts & Sciences offers a BA, BS, and a BGS in Geography. Geography and weather are some of humankind's oldest curiosities and long established branches of modern science. The scientific discipline of Geography strives to explore and to understand the variety that exists in the world's landscapes and cultures.

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Sample of Related Skills

  • Describe human-environment, and nature-society interactions as well as global human and environmental issues 
  • Identify the planet’s human and physical characteristics and processes, from global to local scales 
  • Demonstrate proficiency in using geographical research tools including spatial statistics, cartography, remote sensing, GIS and GPS 
  • Evaluate the impacts of human activities on natural environments 
  • Demonstrate the ability to evaluate and solve geographic problems effectively in collaborative settings working with other students 


Popular Career Paths

Urban Planning/Community Development: Geography is a natural tie-in with urban or city planning. City planners work on zoning, land use, and new developments, from a gas station renovation to the development of whole new sections of urban area. You'll work with individual property owners, developers, and other officials.

Geographic Information Systems: City governments, county agencies, and other government agencies and private groups are often in need of experienced GIS professionals. Coursework and internships in GIS are especially important. Computer programming or engineering skills are essential skills in this area.

Climatology: Agencies like the National Weather Service, news media, the Weather Channel, and other government entities occasionally need climatologist. Admittedly, these jobs usually go to those with meteorology degrees, a geographer with experience and vast coursework in meteorology and climatology would definitely be an asset.

Environmental: Geographers bring excellent skills for project management and the development of reports like environmental impact reports in their work for environmental assessment, cleanup, and management companies. Many geographers have experience in outdoor recreation and are often employed by the growing area of the eco-tourism.

International: Geographers bring knowledge of specific regions and cultures to their work in international development agencies, international relations, disaster relief, government, non-profit/non-governmental organizations and multinational corporations.

Explore More Career Paths

Jobs to Consider




Emergency Services Manager

Environmental Manager

Flood Manager

GIS Specialist

Librarian/Information Specialist


National Park Service Ranger

Real Estate Appraisal


Transportation Manager

Urban Planner/Community Developer


Places to Seek Employment

City/Regional Planning Offices

Community Development Agencies

Conservation Agencies in State, County & Federal Agencies

Emergency Management for Government & Non-Profit

Insurance Agencies

Environmental Regulation Agencies

Historic Preservation Associations

Housing/Development Agencies

Environmental Consulting

Weather and Climate Agencies

Waste Management Agencies, both private industry & government

Outdoor Recreation Management Companies

View specific employers by state.

Employment Strategies

  1. Geography is a multidisciplinary field with a wide array of concentration areas - explore your fit early on and commit to developing specific technical skills in your chosen area. 
  2. Research labor market trends for your chosen area.
  3. Gain direct experience within the areas that interest you most through research projects, independent study, internships, part-time jobs, student organization involvement, or volunteering.
  4. Register for KU Career Connections and subscribe to the Internship Newsletter to receive automated weekly emails with specific internship information.
  5. Network with professionals working in the field by joining as a student member and attending annual conferences and regional meetings. Ask you faculty which organizations to join. 
  6. If considering an international career, develop skills in another language.
  7. Develop skills and experience in computer programming if considering a career in GIS. 
  8. Earn a minor or take additional coursework outside your major when relevant to your career goals
  9. Pursue research experiences if you are considering going to graduate school or pursuing a career in the scientific research.  
  10. Consider getting involved with a student organization at KU related to your area of interest, such as: Geography Club and Geography Graduate Student Organization.

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