International Students

The UCC offers career coaching and assessment services to help international students explore your unique interests, personalities, values, skills, and strengths.

These services can help students better understand who you are, what you need, what you want, and how these factors may influence your major and career choices.

Quick tip


Check out our handout on job search strategies for international students, including specific information on student employment and H-1B visa permits.


Career exploration

As you decide how to connect your academic discipline to your career goals as well as explore what types of careers and occupations fit with your interests and skills, the resources below can help you get started.

If you would like one-on-one assistance with exploring majors or careers, request an appointment to discuss your interests and career goals.

  • Careers and KU Majors: lists popular career paths students in each of KU's majors tend to pursue
  • Fields of Study: includes career paths of LinkedIn members based on major
  • Volunteering: provides temporary or long-term hands on experience
  • Internships: provide numerous benefits including trying out a specific job or industry, developing transferable skills, building a network, and much more
Job search resources

The job search process may seem intimidating at first, but breaking it up into smaller steps can make the process much more manageable. Identifying job targets, networking, researching potential employers, preparing application documents, and implementing your job search strategy are helpful steps to lead you to the road to success.

Whether you are interested in searching for employment in the United States, your home country, or another country all-together, there are resources offered by the University Career Center that will help you create and implement your job or internship search strategy.

Resumes and CVs:

These documents are used to communicate your value to a potential employer. Differences may exist in the types of application documents you use based on where you are applying for positions.

  • Western resumes
  • International resume guidelines
    • In the US, application documents are typically called resumes. However, internationally, instead of resumes, application documents are often called CVs. Western CVs tend to be used by individuals who are pursuing positions in an academic setting, typically teaching or research.
    • In some countries, it may be necessary to include personal information including your date of birth, marital status, and a photo of yourself.
    • Follow any directions given on the application and contact the human resources department if you have any questions.
    • Regardless of the country where you are applying for a job, your application documents should be easy to read, consistent in formatting, and error free.
    • For guidelines specific to certain countries and sample application documents, use the Going Global country guides for further information


Interviews are conversations between an applicant and a potential employer. The purpose of an interview is to demonstrate your skills, motivation, and fit for the position.

  • Western interviewing
  • International interviewing guidelines
    • Keep in mind there may be multiple cultures present during your interview process.
    • Always be courteous and prepared by learning as much as you can about the employer by searching the Internet and/or speaking to referrals to gather as much information as possible.
    • Formal dress, such as a dark, well-tailored suit for both men and women, is typical interview attire in most countries.
    • Professional greetings may vary by culture, it is important to do some research to determine what to expect, do your best to follow the lead of the interviewer.
    • In some countries, it would not be uncommon to answer extensive personal questions including questions about your age or marital status.
    • Learn about country specific non-verbal communication norms, including posture, eye contact, and facial expressions by using the country guides on Going Global.
Visa information

If you are searching for employment in a country other than your home country, your visa will play an important role in your job or internship search process and application.

Additional resources
  • Western job search
  • International job search: for tips on conducting and international job search review the resources on Going Global and My World Abroad.
  • Networking: involves the process of making personal connections and gaining useful information for career decision-making, professional advancement and success
  • Professional Image: includes knowing professional interviewing, workplace, and dining etiquette, as well as how to manage your social networking profiles

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