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Employer Recruiting Guide

New employers may register through HireJayhawks.com. Please allow us one business day to review and approve your registration, although we will make every attempt to do so more quickly. If you are unable to register at the site, you may contact the employment services manager, Natalia Plotnikov (785) 864-2019 or nplotnikov@ku.edu to request access. It is quicker when you post your positions to this site, but job announcements also may be e-mailed to kucareer@ku.edu or mailed.

If you have a log-on ID for HireJayhawks.com, your username is your e-mail address. If you have forgotten your password, please use the "Forgot My Password" tab at the top. Your password will be e-mailed to you within minutes.

Once you log in, you will be on your employer home page. This page offers shortcuts to several recruiting activities and alert links to notify you of interview schedule status and your applicants.

To post a job or internship, select "Job Postings" or the shortcut Create a Regular (Non-OCR) Job Posting for those jobs or internships for which you do not want an on-campus interview schedule. Select Create New Schedule Request to request rooms for interviews on campus. On that schedule request form, please indicate the location where you want to conduct your interviews.

If you post a part-time position and hire a student from The University of Kansas, please complete a hire report to help us track the effectiveness of the Part-Time Jobs Program.

If you need to e-mail your position information to us (be sure to include position description, job location, application method and application deadline), you may send it to kucareer@ku.edu.

The University Career Center provides your organization with professional on-campus recruiting opportunities. You may list career opportunities, internships and part-time jobs through our online recruiting system, HireJayhawks.com. Qualified employers will receive access to our student resume database for web resume viewing. We also will assist you with resume referrals based on your criteria.

We support several online interview schedule types: pre-select schedules, open schedules, and career opportunity posting referred to as a resume drop. We provide professional interview rooms for your on-campus interviews in our facility. In order to accommodate your recruiting dates, please contact our office at least two months prior to your desired date. However, we will assist you with securing interview space for your immediate recruiting needs on a space available basis. Please call our recruiting staff to schedule your on-campus interview dates.

Mock Interviews

Our office conducts mock interview opportunities for our students each semester. Employers may participate for a full day or half day of interviews. Each interview period is thirty minutes; fifteen to twenty minutes of interviewing and ten to fifteen minutes of employer critique. An employer-conducted mock interview is a valuable career tool for our students and an opportunity for employers to increase their visibility on our campus.

How can I set up an on-campus interviewing schedule?

To request an interview schedule:
  1. From your HireJayhawks.com homepage, select "Request a new schedule" to create the schedule.
  2. Enter the schedule details (number of rooms, length of interviews, length of interview day). OCR Model refers to the type of interview schedule. Most schedules will be Preselect or Preselect to Alternate. To determine the appropriate model for your organization, please contact the UCC Employment Services Manager, Natalia Plotnikov, at nplotnikov@ku.edu or at (785) 864-2019. 
  3. Review the availability column to view the number of available rooms for each day.
  4. After you submit the schedule request, you will be able to attach one or more position descriptions to the interview schedule. When it is approved by UCC staff you will receive an e-mail indicating that your schedule has been approved .
  5. If you elect to have UCC staff post the position for you, e-mail the information to kucareer@ku.edu or (785) 864-2019. In order to post your position, you MUST include deadline dates for applications and how you want to receive applications.
  6. Select "Submit" — If you do not click on "Submit," your information will not be added to the database.
  7. You may also request information sessions. Select "Request New Information Session" from the home page, then enter the information and click on Submit.

Interview and presentation facilities arranged by UCC are to be used solely to speak with students from the University of Kansas who are eligible for services from UCC or one of the other career service offices.

Third-party recruiters may post positions for employment candidates, but must inform one of the Career Services offices of the actual employer and position before the job will be posted.

The Career Services offices at the University of Kansas reserve the right to refuse positions that require a financial investment by our students or that may involve unreasonable risks, where known.

UCC is committed to ensuring that everyone is afforded the opportunity to participate in our services and activities. If, due to disability, you require accommodation to use our services, please contact our office at 785-864-3624 and let us know how we may assist you.

Our current location for employers is the Kansas Union, 1301 Jayhawk Boulevard.

Our services are available to all KU students. Our primary mission is service to students in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the schools of Architecture, Education and Social Welfare. Separate career centers are maintained for students in Business, Engineering, Journalism, Law. and Music. UCC, Business, Engineering, Music and Journalism share a common recruiting database that includes resumes of students and alumni, current career opportunities posted by employers/recruiters and career center staff, part-time jobs and internships.

Professional Conduct

The University Career Center of the University of Kansas is a member of the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) and abides by the guidelines of professional standards and ethics as outlined by the NACE. We encourage our professional associates and students to follow these same guidelines.

Third-party recruiters may post positions for employment candidates, but must inform our recruiting professionals of the actual employer and position before the job will be posted.

The professional staff of the University Career Center reserves the right to decline postings that require a financial investment by our students, or postings for positions that may involve unreasonable risks where known, or postings for positions that conflict with the NACE principles of professional conduct.

In accordance with Titles VI and VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Equal Pay Act of the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967, Executive Order ll246, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, Section 503 and 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Americans with Disabilities Act, the Vietnam Veterans Readjustment Assistance Act, Kansas Acts Against Discrimination and all other applicable civil rights and nondiscriminatory statutes, the University of Kansas prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, ancestry, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, parental status and veterans status.

University statement on military recruitment on campus

The university has been asked whether ROTC or other military recruiters are allowed to recruit and be present at job fairs on campus. Lynn Bretz, Director of University Communications, issued the following statement for the university:

“The University of Kansas allows military recruitment on campus, as required by federal law. What’s more, the university values ROTC's presence on campus and the service of our citizens in the national defense system. The university also acknowledges that some individuals in our community oppose the ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy of the U. S. Department of Defense. Those individuals have the right to protest the policy, just as students have the right to choose whether or not to seek career opportunities and service in the military.”
(Note:  The "Don't ask, don't tell" policy was repealed on Sept. 20, 2011)

The Kansas Work-Study Program (Career Component) is funded by the State of Kansas, through the Board of Regents. The purpose of the program is to help Kansas employers hire university students to work in career-related positions. The student benefits by gaining work experience that enhances the student’s academic program. The employer benefits by being reimbursed for one half of the student’s gross wages.

To participate in the Kansas Career Work-Study Program, employers must meet the following criteria:

  • Have a FEIN (Federal Employee Identification Number)
  • Be a Kansas business using a Kansas bank
  • Be willing to act as the student's employer (students are not employed by our office)

Employers are responsible for interviewing and hiring eligible students.  Before signing a KCWS contract, the employer must employ or be in the process of hiring an eligible student.  Employers may advertise part-time positions for students in HireJayhawks.com.

The amount of the contract is based on the student's hourly wage, the estimated hours per week that the student will work, and the number of weeks that the student will work; Fifty percent of this amount will be reimbursed to the employer; If the estimate is too low, an amendment may be granted if funds are available.

Employers must submit invoices to KCWS at least once a month.  It can take up to four weeks for the reimbursement check to arrive - it is to the employer's benefit to submit invoices in a timely manner

KCWS (pdf) Employer Guidelines

KCWS Employer Application

If you have further questions about Kansas Career Work-Study, please contact us at (785) 864-7664 or kswkstd@ku.edu.

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