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Internship: Danny Corcoran

Year in School & Major: 
Senior in Industrial Design and Business Marketing
Internship/Job Organization: 
Yeti, Austin, TX


What are your career goals? My career goals are open, I want to use design as a way to help people in need. I was very inspired by life straw which is a device that can filter any water source in to clean drinking water. I hope to create products that affect the world in a positive way, but also look amazing and work in unique ways that make people say "this is amazing"


What was the application process like? My internship was a long process of references, phone interviews and then eventually flew out to Austin for one full day and did a series of multiple interviews with the various hiring managers. I was fortunate enough to have some of the recruitment team recognize my skills and potential even though I did not quite fit the roles they were looking to fill. I believe the recruitment managers and one of the Product Managers truly put in a good word for me and asked the Industrial Design team if they would like an intern. And because I showed so well in the interviews they called me and I did two more brief phone calls that secured my spot.


What did you get out of your internship experience? I simply could not express how much the internship meant to me, I learned so much simply by just watching other professionals go through their daily routine. And it was absolutely intimidating and stressful, but they were fantastic about getting me opportunities to help out and speak up and share my own creative ideas. And many of them were successful, a handful of the ideas I came up with in the meetings went on to become concepts, whether or not those concepts were pushed further along the line I'm not sure, but it was enough to inspire some real designers to expand on the idea. That was hugely valuable and a great way to validate what I believed was a good/bad idea. My favorite memory was a day near the end of the summer where we were testing some new straps on a variety of our coolers and bags. The office is in a big valley out in the 'country' outside of the city and there is a hiking trail right across the street. So I went hiking in my work clothes which consisted of black jeans, a short sleeve button down, and Vans old skools... I was sweating bullets in the Texas Summer and had to use my lunch break to go home and quickly shower and change. It was one of those things that I didn't want to miss out on and I just made due with what I had.


What was the biggest take away? The biggest take away from the entire experience was that "We are always learning, even well in to our careers we teach each other things or we shed light on something in a new way that inspires us to have a new creative idea. We are inspired so much by the people around us and they have seen a whole world in a different way than you; it's worth it to take the time and just listen to what they have to say and I can promise that in their stories and in their own creativity they have something that will inspire you, they have knowledge to share that can make you better off. Never close yourself off too soon, you can always grow more from where you were yesterday"

What are your future plans? My future plans are uncertain, I have a passion for designing foot wear and even sports equipment. Im not sure how thats going to save the world but I think as a practical answer thats something I'd love to do; design cleats or equipments for professional athletes. Something off the wall that I see becoming big in the future is prosthetic limbs, i think it would be awesome to become part of a team that works on new technologies that enable people to use their hands or walk when they werent previously able to. Other than Im not sure, I love new challenges and i love being challenged with designing something I had never thought I would have in the past.

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