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Internship: Hayley Krumweide

Year in School & Major: 
Senior in Business Analytics
Internship/Job Organization: 

What are your career goals? 
Becoming a consultant at a major firm that involves a lot of travel and opens up many opportunities in the future to come. 

How did you get your internship?
I was looking specifically for an adidas internship so went on their website, went to  "Careers" and applied in the beginning/middle of first semester and went through the whole recruiting process which I then was offered a position the first week of April. 
What was your favorite thing about your internship?
The amount of people I met and networking I did. I met many famous athletes, rappers, and people within the company that every person's story was so different. Everyone had their own experiences but every one of those people had the same passion for the brand and that was extremely eye opening as an intern. The work environment was so welcoming and fun to be apart of. It was very fast paced but going into work everyday never felt like I was going into a job, I was always excited waking up in the morning and going to the North America Headquarters. Also, the amount of free adidas gear and access to exclusive shoes and clothes was definitely a plus!
What did you learn?
One of the biggest things I learn was have vital networking is. Being able to connect with people is one thing but being able to stay in touch is another. It opens so many doors and so many opportunities. Also, I learned that adidas has so many sectors within the company that there is a job for any type of person within the company. I learned that adidas is my absolute dream job but I want to go into a path right after college that directly correlates with my major to see if that is something I want to do, because at adidas I would be interested to go into so many other things the company has to offer and not go into business analytics. So I know I will always have the opportunity to rejoin the family even after I get experience somewhere else. 
What advice would you give other students about internships?
Once you are done with your internship that is not the end of those relationships, stay connected with those people even as you head back to school because even in the long run if the company you intern for may not be where you want to end up, those people you have networked with will be able to connect with other people and open up many opportunities. 
What are your future plans?
I was offered a position as a Technology Consultant at Accenture the Management Consulting Company. 

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